Rebuilding and Repairing corrupted iPhoto library

      Facing problem with corrupted iPhoto library?
      Want to recover empty iPhoto library?
      iPhoto library manager doesn't work to solve the problem?
      Need simple solution to repair iPhoto library?

iPhoto application makes photo management so easy that it was never before. Application helps organizing photos and finding them easily. You can edit them so that they can look best and can share it with your friend and family. Lots of features are included which make your photo management in easy way. When you upload your photo to iPhoto, it stored in iPhoto library folders. iPhoto library is the place where your photo stored with related data which stored in the same location and managed properly.

Although this application is best for photo management but sometimes you also faced the problem with iPhoto library when you photos stored in it, creates some problem in opening and displaying of photos and then you think "how to fix photo loss situation"?. Most of the problem of iPhoto can be solved with the use of feature included in iPhoto application that is rebuilding the program. Problem such as-

  1. iPhoto is not opening correctly
  2. Photo is missing from iPhoto library
  3. Some of the thumbnail display question marks or exclamation
  4. Long period of spinning beach ball before iPhoto opens.
  5. Corruption of photos in iPhoto.


iPhoto included a features which allows you to rebuild your iPhoto library in iPhoto library manager when you have corrupted iPhoto library and it cause iPhoto to crash or make it unusable. It rebuild library on the basis of information found in its "AlbumData.xml" file. There may be several reasons for the corruption of iPhoto library but with this option you can repair iPhoto library.

    But there are some limitations with manager to rebuild corrupted iPhoto library.

  1. Instead of totally repairing library in the place it just creates brand new another library and imports the entire content of library.
  2. It does not preserve metadata such as album names, sorting, or comments (manual rebuild).
  3. It may also introduce duplicates into the iPhoto library.
  4. After importing you have to organize and re-edit photos.
  5. It doesn't copy folder album. Regular album will be copied but at the end we get flat list (iPhoto 6 and earlier).
  6. Only original RAW file or the edited JPG/TIFF file can be copied not both (iPhoto 6 and earlier).
  7. When you edit any photo iPhoto keep original files to revert it to original any time. Individual edits are not copied. You cannot modify edited photo as you can in the original file (iPhoto 7 and earlier)
  8. Smart album cannot be copied directly.
  9. Books, cards, calendars, slideshows, Facebook and Flickr published albums, MobileMe galleries cannot be copied.
  10. But the most important thing is, if any unexpected happen then you will lost your photos from iPhoto library.

If this features of iPhoto is not serving your purpose than now probably the best one thing is to use a tool which can repair iPhoto library easily, quickly and without creating any problem in the existing photos. Go for iPhoto data recovery Mac to recover all deleted items from iPhoto library. This software helps in the problem which is discussed above. Use this software and gets relief from all the above problems and limitations because iPhoto recovery allows to recover photos from iPhoto library manager. After repairing you will be able to open iPhoto correctly and view all missing and corrupted photos. Software is also able to recover empty iPhoto library.

If accidentally you deleted photos from iPhoto library or any how you are not able to find your photos in library or it is missing then with the use of this prominent software you can recover empty iPhoto library able to view it again. Easy to use feature of this software make this first attempt to use when your iPhoto get corrupted or you are getting any problem with your iPhoto library. So don't wait so much, download Mac iPhoto Recovery Software library and use it wothout any type of hesitations.

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