Recover iPhoto Library with iPhoto Recovery Software

      Have you ever encountered the problem with iPhoto Library?
      What to do if having iPhoto Library Corruption?
      What if iPhoto Library Rebuild does not work?
      Do you know how to recover deleted Photos from iPhoto Library?

iPhoto is the image browser as well as the editor that is provided with the Mac OSX and it uses a iphoto library for photo management. iPhoto Library is the folder where the iPhoto stores all the photos and other related information about the files. It contains a copy of the images that you had uploaded from different media like Digital camera or photos from internet or other resources. iPhoto Library Folder is the location where all the imported photos are stored and regarding with the Photos, it also contains the data files that show different attributes like ratings, keyword, album etc. In case any of these information or the images deleted from the library then it will take you to the point where you can't access the related files. It is a big problem if you don't have the backup of all these images.

People always want to know what to do if the iPhoto Library Corrupts. First of all you can take the help of iPhoto Library Rebuild function that is provided to rebuild the currently selected Library. It has been seen that sometimes rebuilding the library may resolve the problems like library appearing unreadable, missing photos or similar issues related from iPhoto Library Structure.


There are two methods: Automatic and Manual, through which you can rebuild iPhoto Library.

    Automatic iPhoto Library Rebuild

  1. Close iPhoto if it is open
  2. Hold down the Command and Option keys on the keyboard
  3. Open iPhoto
  4. Hold the keys down till you get prompt to rebuild the library
  5. A dialog will come with rebuild options. Select the options you want to use
  6. Click Rebuild to start the rebuild process. It requires few minutes to complete

    Manual iPhoto Library Rebuild

If the automatic rebuild don't solve your problem then you can try the manual re-import the photos in new iPhoto Library.

  1. Hold down the option key and open iPhoto
  2. iPhoto Prompt, select option to create a new library
  3. Select new location for library, give it a name and save it
  4. Now from iPhoto Menu choose the Hide iPhoto
  5. In the finder locate the original iPhoto Library Folder
  6. Right click on iPhoto Library icon and select the show package contents
  7. Here you can see a window containing Originals and Modified folders
  8. Drag the Originals Folder onto the iPhoto icon on your Dock. It will import the original iPhoto files
  9. You can also drag the Modified folder to the iPhoto icon on your Dock so that this will copy over all the edited versions of images you have previously worked on including those which have been edited automatically.

It has found that sometimes iPhoto Rebuild function unable to rebuild the files and due to this the Photo gets lost completely and your need is to recover or restore iPhoto data completely. To do so you need Professional software and iPhoto Recovery is the right choice for this.

The iPhoto Recovery is capable to repair lost images from library or iPhoto library,the additional database files that contain the information about the Photos and actual Photos. It will repair deleted photos in iPhoto and make your iPhoto the same as it was earlier. It will also work in the condition when your iPhoto does not work and you will get each and every single iPhoto file. So, choose iPhoto recovery software to repair photos, it is the one of the easy process and it offers you graphical user-friendly interface. Whatever is teh reason for deletion of photos, it resolve all your iPhoto related problem.

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