iPhoto recovery

Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


Easily Import Photos to Your iPhoto After Resolving iPhoto Unreadable File Error

Photos are the loveliest part of any occasion of your life. It has capability to bring smile on your face as it refreshes your sweet memories. You can feel and enjoy the past moments with same zeal again after viewing the photos. Every moment of life can be capture in the form of photos and these photos you store to view in the future. IPhoto is most commonly used application that offers efficient photo management. It is specially designed for importing photo from digital cameras, scanners, CD and Internet. You can easily import any format of photos from any gadgets. .

But sometimes comes a situation when you are unable to import pictures from your camera to your MAC system due to ďiPhoto Unreadable file ErrorĒ. Whenever you try to do this an alert appears to indicate the unreadable file. The occurrence of error indicates that the file could not be imported because they are not recognized by the system or they donít contain valid data. When this error message appears, it will give you list of number of unreadable files.

Generally errors occur in iPhoto due to some unavoidable reasons like as:

  1. Power failure
  2. Unexpected shutdown of system
  3. Virus attack r
  4. Corrupted iPhoto files



Above reasons are very much responsible for the occurrence common iPhoto errors but there are some errors which occurs due to some internal reasons or incompatibility of file types. IPhoto Unreadable file Error appears when we import such types of files that are really not pictures or they are damaged files. It also appears when computer hard disk is out of its limit.

  1. Open the Finder
  2. Select disk icon
  3. Select file and then Get info

To fix the error first of all you have to find out if the photos are picture files or not. You can do this by opening it with some other application, you can also use preview. If it is not opened by any other graphics application then it must not be a picture file. But, if the other application is able to open the file then the problem is due to filled hard disk. So, in order to sort out these problems do the following steps:

By doing so MAC OS X info box will appears that gives you detail about the free space of your system. If the disk is full delete all unnecessary files and after doing so you will sort out IPhoto Unreadable file Error. But do it carefully because sometimes while doing so people delete their important file and they are unable to recover them if they donít have backup. But if you do the same donít panic because you can restore your deleted files with the help of iPhoto Recovery software.