iPhoto recovery

Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


Undelete iPhoto & Have a Look on Your Lovely Photos Again

iPhoto is powerful multi media application developed by Apple for MAC OS. It is widely used as an Internet picture downloader that can download photos, pictures, images from the Internet. People find it better way to share, edit print, and maintain photos. Photos are the static records of present events that happened in our life. You share the same emotions and joy in the future by seeing the photographs. So, itís obvious that you try to maintain and preserve it with great care. And you can do this by using iPhoto Library. But it is sad to say that you sometimes unable to do so .

Many times it happened that when you try to access the photos from your library you get various error messages and you unable to open your file. The various error messages that you encounter are as follows:

  1. iPhoto Library is locked
  2. Unable to open the photos
  3. iPhoto Error Code 36
  4. iPhoto Error Unreadable Files
  5. iPhoto Error Exclamation Point



When these types of error messages appear accessibility of your iPhoto is blocked. It indicates the corruption of iPhoto. If you immediately not repair the damage it may be possible that you lose your stored pictures. Sometimes it also happens that while viewing by mistake you press format button and lose all your photos. In such situation you can undelete iPhoto pictures by using software updates by which you can install all available photo updates. Again if you cannot find the pictures backup your iPhoto Library and recover photos by using its rebuild feature.

You can also restore your deleted pictures with help of iPhoto Recovery software. The software uses strong scanning algorithm that scan and search the deleted photos and restore them to specified position. It is compatible with all version of iPhoto. It can also recover lost photos from iPod, iPad, digital camera, USB storage device, SD cards and Memory sticks etc