Recover Photos When Mac OS Unable To Read Files

Mac OS provides robust and full featured iPhoto application to the users that they can arrange their photographs. But they are not actually free from errors or corruption and sometimes problem occurs during photo transfer. The saved photos in iPhoto may become inaccessible and get corrupted due to numerous causes. If iPhoto get crashed due to any causes of file corruption then, you may received an unexpected error message like


"Photos have been found in the iPhoto library that were not imported. Would you like to import them?"

With this dialog box (select yes or no) iPhoto asks you that iPhoto created an empty album name to "recoveres photos" and poped you that this message:

"Unreadable Files"

The above error files could not be imported and the files may be an unrecognized type and the files doesn't contain any valid data and .

But when you select NO then your iPhoto application poped up with another error message that reads:

"The photos have been placed in the folder /Users/.........."

When unable to read file permission error message poped up everytime when you trying to access your photos then you need to first fix iPhoto permission error problem in order to prevent your photos from corruptions in iPhoto application.

To resolve such iPhoto problem you need to follow the below described procedures which are advised by the experts:

  1. Go to the home folder and select the Picture folder.
  2. Right cliking on "iPhoto Library" and Choose "Show Package Contents" option.
  3. Then move all the items of "Import" folder to the other location in your Mac system.
  4. Unlock the all locked photos through the ''Get Info'' option.
  5. After this you import your photos in iPhoto library.

While retrieving photos if you need them. If don't need the the photos then you can securely trash them. But some time if such steps fails and you doesn't able to resolve Unreadable Files error message in iPhoto application then you need an advanced iPhoto recovery application. You can easily repair error problem with iPhoto recovery software and it retrieve all your inaccessible or corrupted iPhoto photostream images easily.

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