iPhoto recovery

Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


Restore missing iPhoto libraries from Time Machine Backup

If you use iPhoto library to store your lovely pictures you might be encounter with the situation of losing photos that occurs due to some errors or you accidentally delete your photos. Sometimes it also occurs that you misplace your iPhoto library on the drive. It occurs when you intentionally move your photos to location other than default pictures folder and then upgraded iPhoto. This breaks the connection between iPhoto and the library. It becomes difficult to search the file as system starts treating the file as system files and it do not highlight the file. It needs a special search to find the missing libraries .

You can restore iPhoto from Time Machine Backup. It might happen that even if the library is located but due to corruption of library6.iphoto file of iPhoto library the photos are not restored. To retrieve such files you need a working backup in the form of Time Machine. By clicking on the Time Machine icon you can retrieve your photos, albums and can retrieve entire library.

Time Machine is used in the finder to swap the damaged or corrupted files. You have to follow the below mentioned steps in order to find out the missing library

  1. To open the search window press down the Command-F key in the Finder
  2. Make sure that you have selected the MAC and searching for “File Name”
  3. Click the Kind menu and select the System Files option. You can go to other if the System files are unavailable
  4. Select Include from the second menu
  5. At last search the iPhoto Library and find its location
  6. If you find iPhoto open it by holding the option keys and select iPhoto Library



In this way you will be able to restore iPhoto from Time Machine. But sometimes it not works properly and show empty library behavior in iPhoto. It is not best backup option so you can use iPhoto Recovery Software. It can repair the corrupted files and recover the library safely. The software is very effective and it can also restore your lost photos