iPhoto recovery

Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


Recover Lost Photos of iPhoto by Rebuilding iPhoto Library

iPhoto is one of the popular software application of Apple. You must be using this application for importing photos from digital cameras, scanners, CD and internet. It possesses all latest features that allow you to arrange and edit digital photos. If you are pictures lover you must be using this amazing application because it gives you facility to build an iPhoto library. iPhoto Library enables you to save any type of imported photos and you can easily access them from there. Here you can move the files, rename them or remove them according to your wish. While doing so sometimes error occurs in your library that may leads to photo loss. This event really panics you and you start finding ways of recovery .

But donít need to worry because you can easily Recover Lost Photos by rebuilding the iPhoto library. In rebuilding structure of library is rebuilt by scanning and repairing the disk permissions. Rebuilding is done in two ways one is automatic rebuilding and the other is manual rebuilding.

Automatic Rebuilding

  1. If the iPhoto application is currently open the press Command and Q key simultaneously to quit the application
  2. To open the Rebuild iPhoto Library popup press and hold the Command and option keys and click on iPhoto icon on your screen dock
  3. Checked off all the boxes of in pop up window. Now select the Rebuild option from the pop up window which will rebuild your library



After rebuilding you can see your lost photos in your iPhoto library again. You can also do manual rebuilding to Recover Lost Photos

Manual Rebuild

  1. Press Command and Q keys simultaneously to quit the iPhoto application if it is open. Reopen the iPhoto application. Press and hold the Option key until Choose a Library pop up window appears
  2. Create a new library by clicking on Create Library button and click on Save button to save it to specified location
  3. Click the iPhoto icon and hold down the Control key. Select Hide from pop up menu after releasing the Control key. Click the finder icon and locate the original iPhoto Library icon in the Finder
  4. Hold the Control key and click the iPhoto icon. Drag the Originals folder to the iPhoto after clicking Show Package contents. After doing this you will be able to see your lost photos again in your new iPhoto library

But you canít recover your lost photos through rebuilding when there is error in your library structure and photo is removed from there. In that situation Recovery is possible only with the help of iPhoto Recovery software. It can repair iPhoto library and recover lost photos within few minutes. Recover the photos of same quality without any damage