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Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


Know how to Password Protect iPhoto Library

If you are a photo lover you must have maintained iPhoto library where you have stored all your lovely pictures. Regularly you upload numerous pictures on your iPhoto. Generally, you share your sweet photos among your friends or dear ones. But sometimes you have some photos or images which you donít want to share with anyone and you just want to hide them from others. In that situation you find a need to protect your iPhoto library from any unauthorized access. This can be done by password protect iPhoto library .

Once you protect your iPhoto with password nobody can access it without your permission and you can easily hide or protect your photos from others. Each time you try to access the iPhoto library it asks for password and unless you provide it is not going to open. It is very much beneficial to you when you are not an individual to access your iPhoto library. Setting of password involves numerous steps, you can set it using disk utility.

Steps of Password Protect iPhoto Library

  1. At first open the folder in the disk utility where you store iPhoto library. Drag it to the disk copy window and create an image of iPhoto library. Here you will find a dialogue box where you will find a directory. Store the newly created disk image there and name it iPhoto library
  2. Set the image format to read or write and type the password. Now close the disk copy utility
  3. Create a folder for iPhoto library after selecting an appropriate place where you want to store it. Now drag the disk image to the created folder and delete the original folder
  4. After double clicking the disk image password is entered to mount it and the open iPhoto. You will encounter Library not found error because the original library has been deleted. So, you have to select Find library and move to the mounted disk image
  5. In order to protect your pictures you can eject the mounted disk



By following these steps you can password protect iPhoto. But sometimes while doing these due to abnormal termination of system or some other unfavorable reasons you may lose some of your photos. In that case you will unable to restore them if you donít have backup. But donít worry you can easily retrieve that photos with the help of iPhoto Recovery Software. It is effective software that can safely restore your lost photos.