iPhoto recovery

Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


Move iPhoto Library Folder to Another Storage Media for a Backup

iPhoto is an application which allow users to organize their and edit their photos as well as this application allow users to making photo books, slide slows, greeting cards. iPhoto uses an a library package which is known as iPhoto library folder. iPhoto application uses this library folder to import and export photos easily. Iphoto library folder also contains photo albums which you have created using iPhoto application.



If you want to move your iPhoto Library to another location or computer then you must have to move entire iPhoto Library package. After moving iPhoto library location you have to identify its location.

In order to move move the iPhoto library to another storage media you should have to follow some precaution while moving like you should avoid rename, delete and any changes in files in the iPhoto Library folder. If you perform these any activity, then you may be unable to see your photo when you move your photos into another external storage media.

You can try following steps to move the iPhoto Library folder or package at new location:

  1. Immediately Quit iPhoto if its open.
  2. Open iPhoto Picture folder from storage media and then select the iPhoto Library.
  3. For a new location: Drag and drop iPhoto Library to another location.
  4. For a new computer: Connect another storage media and then Drag and drop iPhoto Library folder package to the media.
  5. Now you can open iPhoto application in new computer and enjoy your photos.

You can also move iPhoto library folder to another storage media to save as a backup files. Which will helps you whenever you faces photo recovery situations in iPhoto library. This backup copy of your iPhoto library allow you to restore your lost files which were corrupted and become inaccessible due to critical situations such virus infection, power interruption, operating system problems malfunctioning and many more. This easily recover iPhoto library whatever reason behind the corruption.