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iPhoto Does not start - Spinning Beach Ball of Death

In Macintosh Systems when the system is performing some process then the spinning wait cursor which is also known as spinning disk pointer spins. It is a progress indicator which occurs as mouse pointer changes from the arrow to the rotating color wheel or also known as "Spinning Beach Ball". It reflects that the system is busy doing some processor intensive activity.

Generally it last to 5 to 10 seconds and then the cursor again come in previous arrow state. But if it takes much time that normal then it means that your Mac OSX system is facing the frequent Spinning Beach Ball of Death due to the processor intensive activity. This may occur while you try to access an application like iPhoto. If you have clicked on the icon of iPhoto and iPhoto does not started and there is a spinning beach ball on the computer screen which keeps rotating continuously and your system is not responding due to high usage of resources then it is the Occurrence of Spinning Beach Ball of Death (SBBOD) in your Mac OSX computer.


  1. You are running too many applications simultaneously
  2. You are running highly processor intensive applications but have limited RAM and free disk space

If SBBOD occurs while accessing iPhoto then there are strong chances that the iPhoto is facing some corruption issues that are stopping the execution of iPhoto. It is possible that some iPhoto files are missing. iPhoto System files, iPhoto Library or many other files that are associated with iPhoto may be corrupts that tends towards the loss of data.


In this critical situation you must need to save your crucial data. If you have taken the iPhoto Backup earlier and all the files which were currently present on iPhoto is in the backup then all you need to do is to fresh install iPhoto and import the photos from that previously taken backup. This thing is helpful only if you have the backup.

If you don't have the backup the backup and try to rebuild the iPhoto Library using the Command and Option (Alt) keys together while launching iPhoto. Follow the dialog box and choose the rebuild iPhoto library database from automatic backup. If it fails then you can take the help of iPhoto Library Manager and try its rebuild function.

In case it too fails or you are having the problem even after the rebuild of library, you should then only rely on the most powerful iPhoto Recovery tool which is named as iPhoto Recovery Software. It is a professional way to recover back all the photos, their metadata, keywords, albums, faces and places i.e. everything back in the previous state. No matter how many files of iPhoto has been corrupted but the iPhoto Recovery will recover them all and after the recovery you can restore them at their original place after storing them to another safe place to see your iPhoto free from Spinning Beach Ball of Death.