Resolve iPhoto displays question mark instead of photo Problems

iPhoto is an application by which users can easily browse, view, edit, print, organize, manipulate and share files of iPhoto to other device in Mac computers. This most lovable application developed by Apple Inc. This also allow users to import photos from various multimedia devices such as digital cameras, camcorders, scanners, Internet, pen drives, USB drives, hard drives and many more easily with any addition software. Sharing iPhoto Library on networkallows multiple users to view and edit iPhoto. But in some critical iPhoto displays question mark instead of photo when you try browse to view your imported photos. At that situation you need an advanced iPhoto recovery software which helps you to recover your files easily.


iPhoto application uses iPhoto library folder to store photos which helps iPhoto users to extract and view photos. But some times this may fails to view your photos from iPhoto because of sometimes iPhoto updater creates error problem due to iPhoto library corruption or some unexpected problems such as virus infection, power interruption, human errors and any other causes of file corruption. If you are iPhoto question mark instead of your photos that means your iPhoto application unable to find its location. To resolve such problems you need to follow following steps which may helps you to fix above problems.

  1. Restart iPhoto application
  2. Launch command plus option
  3. Rebuild iPhoto library manager
  4. Rename your iPhoto Library
  5. Select a specific location where you want to save your iPhoto library

If the above steps fails to resolve iPhoto displays question mark problem in your Mac computer then you need an advanced photo recovery software which is especially designed to repair and recover photos from iPhoto application. This advance application supports all version of iPhoto application. With this non-destructive iPhoto repair and recovery tool users can easily extract their inaccessible and missing photos from corrupted iPhoto library as well as this also uses advanced algorithm which understand the structure of iPhoto application and its iPhoto library that reliable and efficient iphoto recovery solution to the users. So, use this tool and use facial recognition feature in iPhoto and also other best features.

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