iPhoto recovery

Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


iPhoto Library Recovery: Recovers iPhoto Library!

iPhoto is one of the most popular and exclusive application software that is provided with the Mac Operating systems. From its first version which was released earlier in 2002, it is a part of the iLife suite now. The latest iLife 09 includes the next version of iPhoto. iPhoto stores all the photos and information related to the photo in a library named as iPhoto Library Folder. When we import the photos in iPhoto, all of them are copied into the iPhoto Library folder and iPhoto organizes all those photos so that it will be easy to track all the files.

Other than that iPhoto also creates own data files in the library folder along with the photos and these files contains the information regarding to the organized photos in the albums. In different versions of iPhoto you can see from small to large differences in the folder structure.


Library.data (iPhoto 2), Library.iPhoto (iPhoto 4 & 5), Library.iPhoto6 (iPhoto 6 and later), iPhoto.db (iPhoto 2, 4, & 5), Dir.data are the central database where iPhoto library information get stored. Other than that there are many other files which are used by iPhoto to maintain the iPhoto Library. Now you can clearly understand how important the iPhoto library is.

Sometimes your Mac PC may encounter errors that can be cause of iPhoto Library corruption or deletion. If the iPhoto Database files become corrupt then you can just imagine how critical situation is when you have thousands of photos in the iPhoto and now you can't access them. Here you need the software to recover the lost, corrupted or deleted iPhoto database files and photos stored in iPhoto. There is professional software named iPhoto Recovery which is capable to recovery photos and associated files from all kinds of iPhoto corruption. With the iPhoto Recovery Software recovery is only few clicks away as it is a simple wizard based application that you can easily use in order to recover every single file of iPhoto.

iPhoto gives you the opportunity to rebuild the library through manual and automatic way but in the middle of the process if any mishaps occurs then your photos will be lost and this time the rebuild process will not help you at all.

For the User's Convenience here are the steps for automatic library rebuild:

  1. Close iPhoto
  2. Hold command button and option buttons on keyboard
  3. Open iPhoto
  4. Keep keys held till you see the prompt to rebuild the library
  5. A dialog box comes with the rebuild options
  6. Choose the options and click on the rebuild process

This is a simple way to rebuild the iPhoto Library but this way there is no guarantee that all your photos will be available once again. Chances are that you lost few or many important photos so for better solution you should try the iPhoto Recovery Software for total iPhoto Library Recovery.