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iPhoto Library Missing After Snow Leopard Upgrade: Backup Missing from Time Machine!

After the latest version of Mac operating system has been available named Snow Leopard 10.6, Mac users have shown their great response towards it and so people are upgrading their Mac OSX operating systems to Mac Snow Leopard. No doubt this operating system is better than all its precedes and provides various kinds of flexibility to the Mac users for the best Computing experience but there are some issues that still create problems.


One issue is where you upgrade your Mac OSX and after the upgrade, numerous files are missing. These files are the personal user files. Time Machine is available to make the backup of the documents and using the backup files you can restore the documents again. But if the backup files were corrupted or lost then it becomes a big pain for you to manage all the documents once again. One situation is where a user takes the backup of iPhoto Library where thousands of pictures were stored and then upgraded the Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard to OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard and then tried to find the backup file from Time Machine. Surprisingly the iPhoto Library backup files were missing that causes the loss of thousands of pictures.

If any user is having this kind of problem then it means that the backup files of Time Machine is getting corrupted while, before or after the upgrade. Corruption can be occur anytime. Sometimes the Rebuilding of iPhoto Library works to achieve the solution but rest of time it is just a waste of time to do this. It is now became a serious problem of data loss.

In case the iPhoto Library is missing and the Time Machine backup is also lost, you need to user the recovery tools that run on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and should be capable enough to perform deleted and lost iPhoto recovery. Additionally it should also be capable to recover the lost time machine backup files. This thing can only be achieved using professional tool and iPhoto Recovery will be the ideal for this.

Using the iPhoto Recovery you can achieve the recovery of all the lost photos from the iPhoto library as well as you can use it to rescue the files from the lost Time Machine backup. No matter the files are deleted, corrupted or lost due to any reason, the iPhoto Recovery works by recovering the files using strong searching algorithms. It will scan complete disk to ensure all photos will be recovered. It is currently available as free download. After you download, install and use it, you can see the previews and if you want to save all the recovered files then you need to buy it. It supports all the latest Mac OS X including Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard so it suits ideally in this situation.