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Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


Photos missing after import in iPhoto 09

iPhoto is a great photo management application that is provided with the iLife suite now. It is capable to import photos from various different digital media like Camcorders, Digital cameras, Web cams other applications and is very simple to use. Still people sometimes face problems while or after importing the photos. Sometimes you import the pictures and when you reopen the iPhoto, you see that the pictures are not there. When you use the finder tool you can see few or all the files are still there and it indicates that some files has been corrupted in the iPhoto but the question is that how can you find that which file is corrupted.

If something like this occurs with your iPhoto then these are the symptoms of iPhoto Corruption and now you should do these troubleshooting steps.


Hold Down option key and launch the iPhoto and from the resulting menu choose to create Library. After that import some pictures in it. Now check if the problem is still present in this new iPhoto Library. After this if the problem you need to make both iPhoto libraries together. For that go to your main library and do these following steps:

Step 1

Backup and Try Rebuild the Library - For this you need to hold down the command button and launch iPhoto. This result as with a dialog box that will give you the option to rebuild. Here choose the option to rebuild Library Database from Automatic Backup. If this does not solved the problem the try step 2.

Step 2

Download the iPhoto Library Manager and use the rebuild function. This will make the new library based on the data available in the albumdata.xml File. By doing this you will get the albums and keywords, faces and places back but it will not recover those slideshows, books and calendars for instance.

In this a total new library is created and this does not affect on the previous library so it is safe to test. If you still not satisfied then go to step 3.

Step 3

Since iPhoto is a Mac Photo application, you can use the iPhoto Recovery Software to recover the complete iPhoto Library Database. It means each and every single file, directories and other related information that are generally known as Meta files will be recovered by this. It is a professional Data Recovery Software that is made to work on the Mac platform. It will run on all the versions of Mac OS X and give the perfect solution as people expect at this time.