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iPhoto 09 Faces Broken - Missing iPhoto Libraries

If you check the Apple Discussions, you will easily find that there are several users that has complained about the Faces not working particularly for the large iPhoto Libraries and also reported that faces does not work at all, falling to categorize images.

Consider a situation where user click on the name in the tool bar the photos comes up in full view. There are two options at the bottom. First is Add Missing Face, done. Using the Add Missing Face button you can name many faces but when you go to the corkboard it says no faces and has the intro screen. The things which are mentioned in the tutorials does not behave like the same.



In this situation it is required to force Faces to rescan the iPhoto Library. It should be noted that by doing this you will lose any work that you have done with faces. The following steps are:

  1. Quit iPhoto
  2. Go to your Pictures Folder or where the library is actually kept
  3. Right Click on it and from the resulting menu section select the "Show Package Contents". A Finder window will open and the Library will be exposed
  4. Find these files: face_blob.db and face.db
  5. Move these to trash
  6. Now make no changes and restart iPhoto
  7. Then allow it to complete the face scan again

Most of the cases if the library has not faced any kind of corruption or there is no any corrupt picture then the above described solution will work to give proper solution but if broken faces occurring due to the corrupted pictures then you need to do something else to save all your iPhoto Library corrupted pictures. For this purpose iPhoto Recovery is a suggested solution since it is capable to recover the corrupted iPhoto Library files including the pictures and their metadata. It is so strong that it can recover the iPhoto Library even if you have reinstalled the Mac Operating system. It's the ideal root to recover what you have lost. After the recovery, create a new library and import all recovered photos in it. Then go for the Faces Scan. This time everything will work fine and the iPhoto 09 Faces Broken will be solved.