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iPhoto Exclamation Mark Error

iPhoto may have face problems like photo corruption, library corruption and other kinds of corruptions that can cause data loss. One of the problem which was encountered in several versions of iPhoto including the iPhoto 09 is the Exclamation Mark Error. A user may encounter this error after importing the photos from other sources. When you see the pictures, it looks normally but when you double click for zoom or edit the pictures, a big exclamation Mark appears and the picture is not shown over there.



It indicates that the iPhoto database is getting corrupted and this may be due to known as well as unknown reasons. Some known reasons of database corruption including the improper system shutdown while the database is getting used, pictures corruption while importing or disk corruption etc.


First of all you need to close iPhoto. Now launch the iPhoto while pressing the Command + Option keys depressed and follow the instructions to rebuild the library. The select all the available options and perform the rebuild.

If it does not worked then try the iPhoto Library Manager to do the iPhoto Library Rebuilding. Download it and use on the Mac system. After executing it, click on the Add Library Button, navigate to your user/pictures folder and select iPhoto Library Folder. Then the library will be listed in the left hand pane if iPhoto Library Manager, click on the library and go to the file and then towards the Rebuild Library Menu option. In the next window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed. Now click on the create button.

If still the problem remains the same then make a new library and import the entire originals folder from original library. For that:

  1. Move the existing library folder to the desktop
  2. open Library package by right click > show Package Contents
  3. Launch iPhoto and when asked select the option to create new library
  4. Drag original folder from the iPhoto Library on the desktop into open iPhoto window.

If still the problem is there then the final solution will be to prefer iPhoto Recovery Software to recover all the lost, corrupted, deleted photos and library items. It is a professional and award winning Mac Data Recovery software to give excellent recovery of Mac documents including all iPhoto Pictures. Try this and get rid of the iPhoto exclamation Mark error.