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Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


Know How to Create iPhoto Events to Categorize Your Photos

iPhoto is storehouse of your lovely photos. It is one of the bet storage medium that provide security to your photos. After importing any kind of photos from any medium like digital camera, iPod, Internet etc you upload them to iPhoto. iPhoto provides you an option of events where you can categorize your photos on the basis of date and time. iPhoto events are the set of photographs that are taken on particular date. Each time you upload your photo from your digital camera their metadata is read by the iPhoto and get stored in the events according to the date. .

All types of photos whether they are fine, blurt or poorly exposed pictures get stored in events. Theses events are used to create albums. You can select the best pictures among all and store them in albums from where you can delete any of the photos whenever you want but you cant do it with the iPhoto events. Once deleted you cant recover any of the photos even with iPhoto recovery Software. So, be careful while deletion.

As events arranged all photo of same date in particular category, they are titled as the given dates. You can also change the title by clicking on the date present below the key photo i.e. first photo of that date. You can also create iPhoto Events of your own by following below cited steps:

  1. Drag a group of photos from a folder or disk into the iPhoto and you will get your newly created iPhoto events
  2. In the case if you upload photo from your digital camera events are automatically created by iPhoto according to the date. It uses pre-programmed logic to group the photos
  3. You can also rename the iPhoto events by scrolling down your mouse on events. Here you will found i at right bottom corner after clicking this i you will be able to rename the name, place and date.



In this way you can easily create events in your iPhoto. But never try to delete photos from your events because you will not able to recover them. iPhoto Recovery Software can recover everything except iPhoto Events.