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Get Rid of iphoto Error Code 36 through iPhoto Recovery Software

Today iPhoto has been included in our part of life. It is one of the famous multimedia gadgets you are using nowadays. It is designed to import pictures from digital cameras, scanners, CD and Internet. iPhoto has become popular due to the presence of special folder iPhoto library. iPhoto library offers you one of the best ways of photo management. Any festival or occasion of your life is not finished until you shoot out some sweet snaps. And these photos can be easily preserve in the iPhoto library which you can view anytime anywhere. One interesting feature of this iPhoto library is that it stores your each and every photograph on the basis of date, time and location. .

But no gadgets or application is error-free. You experience different types of errors while using these gadgets. Some common errors can be easily fixed but some of them frustrate you completely. One such error is ď iPhoto Error code 36Ē. It is generally occurs when you start copying data from iPhoto Library or iPhoto hard drive to external drive or when you try to recover backup of iPhoto library from an external disk. You will receive an error message as ďThe Finder canít complete the operation because some data in iPhoto Library canít be read /written or Error Code 36. When this error occurs you are unable to copy your data. An individual file can be copied but you are unable to copy the entire folder. The reason behind this error is corruption of HFS+ file system and the corruption moves to FAT 16 or FAT 32 volumes. Due to corruption the original file is moved anywhere else and it unable to locate the file to move or copy the data that is really frustrating.



But donít worry you can fix the error iPhoto Error Code 36 manually by following some simple steps.

  1. Type dot_clean command after launching terminal
  2. Drag the erroneous folder of MAC on the terminal window. It will be indicated as green Cursor showing +symbol
  3. It will show the path of that folder
  4. After pressing enter or returning to the command you will be able to copy that folder
  5. Repeat the same process for all those folders that are not copied

In spite of applying the above mentioned steps if again you are unable to copy, the only option is formatting of your iPhoto drive but you know well that doing so will delete all your photos. So, if all that photos are important for you then itís better to use the iPhoto Recovery software. It is effective software that can get rid of iPhoto Error code 36 very easily without losing any of your iPhoto contents. Not only this, with the help of this software you can recover and restore your deleted photos.