iPhoto recovery

Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


iPhoto Corrupted pictures and screenshots after Mac System Restore from Time Machine

Mac gives the facility of automatic system backup using time machine. This backup can be used when you format the disk and restore the system. It is a good way to manage the personal data and settings without losing it and making the System Faster once again. If there will be no any corruption in the files which are getting backed up by time machine then there are nearly no changes that Time Machine backup file will have any corruption. However if the backup file itself have some problems or there is a problem with the Time machine itself then you always need to pay attention on it to repair the Time Machine.

One situation occurs when the actual files get corrupted before or while getting backed up. Due to this when you restore the system from the backup of Time Machine, the will occur problems. One of the problems that is associated with iPhoto is the problem of Snapshot corruption and picture loss. When you try to open the iPhoto and look for the photos in the library, surprisingly one or more photos will be corrupted and the shows empty or corrupt screenshots of the pictures. The pictures will also not open when you try opening them.


You can repair the time Machine using the Disk Utility but if there is major corruption with it then there are chances that Time machine does not work and you have to re-install it from the OSX disk. Before doing that store the time machine backup files to another safe location because when you uninstall the Time Machine, it might affect the backup files too. After your Time Machine is fine, you need to perform the rebuilding of Cache. iPhoto automatically rebuild the cache every time it feels there is a requirement for that but the corrupted thumbnail is getting shown the it means now you need to rebuild corrupted cache manually.

To rebuild the thumbnail cache,

  1. Restart the iPhoto and hold the command and option
  2. A Window occur which is titled "Rebuild Photo Library"
  3. Choose the first check box "Rebuild the photo's small thumbnails"
  4. Click Rebuild

If it does not work then you can try iPhoto Library Manager which is a software that made by a company named Fat Cat Software. Its rebuild function can work pretty well but not everything will be recovered back. Like it does not recover slideshows, books or calendars but can get all the albums and keywords back. Since it makes a new library and does not modify the older library, it is a non-destructive program.

If still you are out of luck then there is last and best way to make everything better once again. It is named as iPhoto Recovery. It is a professional and powerful iPhoto Recovery Application that makes is capable to recover the lost, corrupted and deleted iPhoto Library. After recovering the iPhoto Libraries, it repair all the corrupted photos to make them available for you. The Software is capable to recover the files from any level of corruption, no matter ever your iPhoto is corrupted, it can still recover and rebuild iPhoto Library with its powerful functions. It will work like a magic to give you best results ever.