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Top Three Steps to Create iPhoto Archive for Old Photos

IPhoto is one of the best applications for photo management. You can store your valuable and lovely photos in iPhoto according to date, time and location within iPhoto library. Regularly you upload numerous pictures form your digital cameras, scanner and internet and store them safely in your iPhoto. But in due course of time your iPhoto library gets full and run out of space due to continuous storage of photos. In that situation you have to delete your old photos in order to free the space for new one. But nobody wants to lose their sweet photos. So, to sort out this problem you can create iPhoto Archive. It will create a separate room for your old photos and you can save your pictures form deletion. .

You can easily create archive to backup your pictures with iPhoto smart album. It can be created by selecting pictures on the basis of date, ratings and keywords which has been assigned to the photos.

iPhoto Archive on the basis of date

  1. Select the old photos to be archived
  2. Select New Smart Album from file menu
  3. Set the cut-off date in such a way that it reads the date is before cut-off date. It will create Smart Album that contains photos before the date you set



Use of Ratings to create Archive

  1. Select the photos that you want to delete from your hard disk or you want to archive
  2. After control-clicking select your rating from contextual menuís Rating command and it will create your Smart Album

IPhoto Archive By using keywords

  1. Select the photos that you want to archive
  2. Select keyword option from bottom left portion of iPhoto window
  3. Now photos are dragged to the keyword. You can also create your own keyword by selecting preference from iPhoto and then typing your desired keyword in the keyword tab

By following above mentioned methods you can easily archive your photos and create new room form them. After that select Smart Album and click share and burn it to disk. Now you can smartly delete your old photos. But if you have deleted your photos without archiving them or you donít have any backup then you can use iPhoto recovery software to recover your lost photos