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An Easy Way to Use Facial Recognition in iPhoto

IPhoto ‘09 is latest release of Apple that is much more advanced and having numerous unique features than earlier version. One of its important features is Facial Recognition. When you use iPhoto you will found Faces categorized under events in the browser window. It is special program that tag your photos after recognizing photos of the people. This feature proves very beneficial for you when you are having thousands of photos. You can easily create albums for specific people after identifying faces. But you should know that how to use this faces because any mistake may corrupt your photos and you suffer if you don’t have valid backup.

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  1. Before using Facial Recognition you should import the photos from your computer or your digital camera. Then select and click the person’s photo
  2. Move to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Name” icon and then “Unknown Face” box
  3. Enter the name of the person after clicking on the area having text “Type Name”
  4. You have to repeat these steps for each person. Sometimes it happens that iPhoto does not recognize the face at that time click on “Add Missing Face” button
  5. Click “Done” button after dragging the square around the face of the person
  6. Now repeating the same procedure name the person and click on the faces present on the iPhoto window and double click the photo you have identified
  7. Move to the bottom of the iPhoto window and click on “Confirm Name” button
  8. Click on “Click to confirm” on the photos that match the selected person and double click on the unmatched photos. This will make facial recognition much easier in iPhoto



Sometimes while using this feature or importing photos your iPhoto gets corrupted due to some unfavorable reasons and you need recovery solutions. In that situation you can use iPhoto Recovery Software to repair and restore the corrupted photos.