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How to correct color problems in iPhoto

People always have the problems while doing the modification in the photos in the application iPhoto. The most challenging problems that people faces are the problems regarding the bad color. In case you are taking the picture without a flash while in the shade then your photos will likely goes towards bluish tone. If take the pictures indoors near the lamp then the pictures will take the yellowish tone. Here the Levels histogram will help you.

Automate color corrections

Before starting anything for the color correction the iPhoto will perform the color corrections for your pictures. But it is also a fact the iPhoto Enhance button is not always work like a one click solution to troubled photos that it promises to be. Meanwhile it does make a good start if you don't know what to do with your photo. When you click on the enhanced button, iPhoto will show you the changes that it made in the Adjust palette. It is the recent upgrade in the current version over the previous versions. Using the fine tune on slider you can achieve the exact results that you want.


Another way to do this is via the small eyedropper icon to the left of the Tint Slider. It is the auto gray balance tool to use the photo's color. All you have to do is to search the area on the picture that should be medium to dark gray and click on it, iPhoto will automatically adjust the tint and temperature of the complete picture. With Undo (Ctrl+Z) command you can undo the changes too if you don't like.

Manually Adjust Colors
Images on computer are created using three primary colors- Red, Green and Blue. The right combination of these three colors will create all other colors. The iPhoto Levels histogram shows three sets of colored bars. If you examine hwo these color channels overlap then you can get the sense of where color problems may exist. Here you get various options that is used to modify images and correct problems in iPhoto. But it is not for the beginners as wrong settings will make your picture worst.

Fix Dull Colors
One thing that you also do to correct color problem is to fix the dull colors. If you drag the saturation slider to the right then it will give you the best and intense photo colors. Most digital images looks best with little extra saturation. A problem that occurs with this is extra saturation makes flesh tones look unnatural.

As its solution now the iPhoto offering option to minimize the effect of the saturation slider on the skin tones in a photo. There is a "Avoid the skin tones" box which should be checked to solve this problem. Due to this after recognizing that the photo has face, the saturation control automatically avoids saturating.

Go to Grayscale
If still you are having the color problems persists in the pictures then you can move on the grayscale mode. With this you can eliminate the color completely. iPhoto offers several methods to do that. You can perform these things:

  1. Simply drag the Adjust Palette's Saturation to the left while deselecting the Avoid the skin tones box. OR
  2. Using Effects Palette and click on the B&W button
  3. Use the Fine Tune your black and white image
  4. Choose the boost color for rich and warm tones and many more.

Other than these several times it has been observed that the iPhoto pictures get corrupted and therefore the problem regarding the color occur. Blur and distorted images are mostly become due to the corruption the iPhoto library files or with the actual photos that stored in the iPhoto Library Database. In this situation the method written up will not help you a lot and you should need to take the help of professional iPhoto Recovery Software. The iPhoto Recovery will work on all kind of iPhoto corruption and recover all the pictures along with its original data which was created at the time of taking the picture or while uploading in the iPhoto Library. The iPhoto Recovery works on the mechanism of strong searching algorithms to recover the deleted, corrupted and lost images of iPhoto so if you want a professional and complete solution the your best bet will be to go for iPhoto Recovery.