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Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


Copying iPhoto Library for Future Reference!

There are thousands of people out there who love to keep thousands of photos arranged on their iPhoto and fill up the hard drive of their Computer. It is pretty obvious because the iPhoto gives users the opportunity to store tons of pictures in their Library which is known as iPhoto Library. As you store more and more pictures, the size of the iPhoto Library will increase. The increment of size of iPhoto Library will also effect of the Mac OSX performance as by default the location of iPhoto Library Folder is in the Mac System Drive.

One simple solution to keep all your photos safe as well as making your Mac OS X faster like the new one is to backup iPhoto Library. To do this you need to use the external hard drive which should be of good quality. Currently USB 2.0 drives are good option that are available in huge memory spaces like 300 GB that will be sufficient for you to keep images managed. You can either Copying iPhoto Library or can move iPhoto library as per your requirement. In case of Moving, the system will not have a single photo. It is also a critical process than copying because if in the middle of the moving photos, any problem occurred then there are chances of iPhoto Library Corruption or iPhoto Library Deletion etc that will be horrible to manage once again. The better option is to Copying iPhoto Library because even if there come a problem in the middle of the copying, you still have the original iPhoto Library from where you can perform the further backup processes.


To rebuild the thumbnail cache,

  1. Quit iPhoto if running
  2. Connect External Hard Drive and turn on
  3. In the Finder, the external drive with orange drive icon will present in left pane
  4. Open two finder windows and position them one on top of other. In the top finder window go to the home and then in the user name folder. Open the pictures folder and there you can see iPhoto Library Folder
  5. In the bottom finder window, select the external drive where the copied iPhoto library will be stored
  6. Now select the iPhoto Library Folder from top finder window and drag it to the bottom finder window. It will start the copy process. As per the size of iPhoto Library folder, the time will be taken.

Copying iPhoto Library gives you the backup of your iPhoto Library but as you add or delete more data, it is not changed in its backup file present in the external hard drive. So you should prefer the Time Machine that gives incremental backup which generally set as hourly backup. Of course there are several backup utilities available which is used to copy iPhoto Library and make it the backup for future usage.

Meanwhile anytime there can be accidents like while copying iPhoto library if anything goes wrong like some corrupt pictures, inaccessible pictures etc that stops the process of copying, then you need to take the help of iPhoto Recovery Software that can work to recover iPhoto Recovery Files and gives that recovery from all kind of Mac OS X systems. So now you can copy iPhoto library without any hesitation.