Consolidate iPhoto Library To Remove Duplicates Photos

iPhoto is the one of most popular photo editing application which is especially designed for manage photos and videos by Apple Inc. This application build with every new Mac OS since 2002. Millions of Mac users uses this application to manipulate their billions of photos easily. iPhoto for Mac provide an assistance to import photos from various digital devices like digital camera, mobiles, camcorders and much more whether you want it to or not.


But some times you may face some problems like unable to open iPhoto image gallery when your iPhoto library holds duplicates photos. The duplicate files may take place in iPhoto library due to multiple copies of photographs. To get all these in under control you will have to consolidate your iphoto library and remove duplicate files.

iPhoto provides a Merge Event tool to Reduce the Clutter for all those users to remove duplicate files. The Events option allow users to simply grouping the photos however unlike roles, the events can be merge by dragging the photos and the selecting both of events. Before consolidating iphoto library, the iphoto application will confirm whether you want to merge the iPhoto library items. And this iphoto feature also allow you to create new events with contents of both. But sometimes after doing all these process, you can get many problem like not able to see photostream option, iPhtot doesn't give you permission to access the image gallery and iPhoto quits unexpectedly when restoring images.

If these steps fails to remove consolidate iphoto library then you can follow another methods to merge multiple iphoto library or remove duplicates files. The iPhoto library manager easily allow users to remove duplicate files and helps them to fix iPhoto permission error problem and consolidate iphoto library.

If any corruption occur in iPhoto library during the iPhoto consolidation, the you need to repair your iPhoto library recovery software by which you can easily repair and recover lost or corrupted photos. This application provides an advanced user interface by which users will easily utilize this application and recover their lost photos.

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