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Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


How to break album Sync between iPhoto and Facebook!

Managing photos using iPhoto is really fast and easy as it manages pictures faster than manually setting up folders and downloading pictures into them by date. As the iPhoto 09 came, it allows you to select pictures and upload them directly into Facebook. It was the faster and easier alternative of Facebook App that uploads pictures from your hard drive but there is a problem.

It is nice that you can manage the Facebook pictures right from iPhoto, you can add, delete and rearrange photos in iPhoto and it will update your Facebook album to match what you have on iPhoto.

"The problem is if you want to start cleaning up your hard drive by backing up photos and archiving them, they will also be deleted from Facebook."


Till now Apple has not came with a fix that can said to be a true method. So the objective is to delete the synced iPhoto/facebook but keep the facebook album untouched. It is a step by step process that you have to perform manually to achieve that.

  1. Exit iPhoto and login to Facebook
  2. Change the Facebook Password
  3. Now open iPhoto
  4. Click on the Synced iPhoto/Facebook album, you will get the following message: "An error occurred with the publication of album "(NAME OF SYNCED ALBUM."
    "Authentication with  server  failed. Please check your login and password information.
  5. Delete the album on iPhoto. In this process you delete the album or albums according to your choice in iPhoto and since the iPhoto can not sync to facebook, your facebook album will stay untouched
  6. Keep or change your password on Facebook. For this again login to Facebook and either change password back to your previous one of keep the new password
  7. Now Re-sync iPhoto with Facebook. Its because the iPhoto will not automatically re-sync even if you change your Facebook password back to the previous password. So you need to re-sync

While doing this process if any mishaps occurred then there are chances that you will lose files that probably not recoverable without using a professional photo recovery software that run on Mac OSX and should be so powerful that it can perform Deleted iPhoto Recovery. Fortunately there is an application available that can give you the perfect solution for the deleted files that might be lost while cleaning up hard drive or due to any other reasons. It is named iPhoto Recovery.