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Recover deleted lost or corrupt photos from iPhoto application


How to Backup iPhoto Library

When the Mac Operating system becomes slow enough over time then user need to reformat the Mac volume so that it will become better to work once again. But it is the responsibility of the user to take the backup of all the personal data on the Mac that includes the iPhoto too. It's because the format of hard drive makes the volume empty and installs fresh copy of Mac OSX.

iPhoto which is the Photo management application for Mac OS X based systems is now a part of iLife and is used to store all the photos on the Mac. It stores photos so easily and effectively that whenever you need you can get them from it. iPhoto stores all their data into the iPhoto Library Folder which is not access by default in the Finder. The iPhoto Library contains each single photo imported and changes made as well as the events that organize those photos.


To take the backup of complete iPhoto Library you need to find the library and copy it to the backup hard drive.

The simple way to backup iPhoto Library are:

  1. In the Location /Users/Username/Pictures the iPhoto Library is located by default unless the user itself has not saved the library location at another place. Open your finder and Select Go > Home then Double Click "Pictures" folder.
  2. Click on the Shift+Command+H. When the finder will be active, then access the picture Folder and find the iPhoto Library.
  3. Copy iPhoto Library from here to the drive which you are using for backup. Over here you can use the Drag and drop method or even use them to burn in to the CD
  4. After the Completion of the fresh Mac OSX installation, click the "option" key and open the iPhoto. Now a pop up window will be appear that will ask you to choose the location of the existing library. Here choose the backup drive and then export the iPhoto Library to restore the files on its right location.

It may be happened earlier that the backup got corrupted or when you trying to backup iPhoto Library, not all the files are getting copied or some files are not getting copied. This situation indicates that the iPhoto Library Files or few or more pictures stored in the iPhoto has been corrupted due to some reasons. If you are unable to find which picture is corrupted or unable to solve this problem then you should try iPhoto Recovery which is a professional Photo Recovery tool for iPhoto.