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iPhoto Does not Recognize a Camera Connected To The Computer

Published On: 08-May-2012

Resolve iPhoto does not recognize a camera problem, to prevent your photos from corruption. If any corruption occur while troubleshooting this, then you need an advanced iPhoto Recovery Tool to resolve such issues. (Read More...)

Consolidate iPhoto Library To Remove Duplicates Photos

Published On: 30-April-2012

Consolidate Your iPhoto Library and Remove Duplicates photos using event merge inbuilt features of iphoto application. If any corruption occurs while removing duplicate photos then you can use iphoto library recovery tool to get back your lost photos. (Read More...)

Recover Photos When Mac OS Unable To Read Files

Published On: 17-April-2012

To Recover Photos When Mac OS Unable To Read Files, you need an advanced iPhoto recovery software by which you can easily get back your lost files. You can use this application when the manual steps fails to retrieve your files. (Read More...)

Resolve iPhoto Permission Problems and Recover iPhoto Library

Published On: 05-April-2012

Resolve permission error on iPhoto folder and prevent iPhoto library corruption. This steps helps you to resolve such issues and protect your iPhoto library or stored from corruption. If once your iPhoto stuck with these above error message, then kyou should first resolve them, to access again your iPhoto application. (Read More...)

iPhoto Quits Unexpectedly: Need I Photo Recovery

Published On: 27-Mar-2012

When iPhoto quits unexpectedly due to unknown reason and your photos get corrupted from your iPhoto application, then you should first resolve such problems immediately to get back your lost photos from iPhoto library. (Read More...)

PhotoStream Not Showing Up in iPhoto 11

Published On: 07-Mar-2012

Resolve PhotoStream Not Showing Up in iPhoto 11 problems and repair your all corrupted and inaccessible photos easily. This application repair your all version of iPhoto library which fails to stream your photos to the another devices. (Read More...)

Problems While Syncing iPhoto Library With iPhone to Transfer Photos

Published On: 01-Mar-2012

Get resolve problems while syncing iphoto library with iPhone to transfer photos, using an advanced iPhoto recovery software which is especially designed to recover your files whenever you lost data loss issue in your iPhoto application. (Read More...)

Get Back Lost Photos after iphoto uploader facebook error in Mac

Published On: 22-Feb-2012

Get Back Lost Photos after iphoto uploader facebook error in Mac using an advanced iPhoto recovery tool which helps you to repair and recover your photos whenever you faces photo loss situations in your mac iphoto application. (Read More...)

iPhoto Folder Missing Framework Process Errors

Published On: 11-Feb-2012

Get rid of iPhoto folder missing framework process and prevent your photos from corruptions. Use an advanced iphoto recovery software to recover lost photo from iphoto library which were corrupted due to above problems.(Read More...)

Resolve iPhoto displays question mark instead of photo Problems

Published On: 03-Feb-2012

Resolve iPhoto displays question mark instead of photo Problems using an advanced iPhoto recovery software if your iphoto fails to extract your photos from iPhoto library. This application helps you a lots at this situations.(Read More...)

Move iPhoto Library Folder to Another Storage Media for a Backup

Published On: 27-Jan-2012

Move iPhoto library folder to another storage media to save as a backup files and move entire iPhoto Library package in order to create backup for iphoto library which helps you whenever you face data loss situations in your iPhoto application.(Read More...)

Resolve iPhoto 11 Library Upgrade Issue

Published On: 20-Jan-2012

Before iPhoto library upgrade first create a backup copy of your important photo. By which you can recover them whenever your face data loss situations in your iPhoto. If your photos get corrupted and become inaccessible due to any problems then you need an advanced iPhoto recovery software.(Read More...)

An Easy Way to Use Facial Recognition in iPhoto

Published On: 08-Sep-2010

IPhoto �09 is latest release of Apple that is much more advanced and having numerous unique features than earlier version. One of its important features is Facial Recognition. When you use iPhoto you will found Faces categorized under events in the browser window. It is special program that tag your photos after recognizing photos of the people..... (Read More...)

Corruption Occurs while Sharing iPhoto Library on Network

Published On: 01-Sep-2010

IPhoto is powerful application used for managing photos. You can keep track of your photos and edit them to provide them best look. It is designed in such a way that it allows importing of photos from digital camera, scanners and Internet etc. There comes a time when you want to share your albums, keywords of your iPhoto library with your family or friends over the network.... (Read More...)

Top Three Steps to Create iPhoto Archive for Old Photos

Published On: 25-Aug-2010

IPhoto is one of the best applications for photo management. You can store your valuable and lovely photos in iPhoto according to date, time and location within iPhoto library. Regularly you upload numerous pictures form your digital cameras, scanner and internet and store them safely in your iPhoto. But in due course of time your iPhoto library gets full and run out of space due to continuous storage of photos.... (Read More...)

Know How to Create iPhoto Events to Categorize Your Photos

Published On: 18-Aug-2010

iPhoto is storehouse of your lovely photos. It is one of the bet storage medium that provide security to your photos. After importing any kind of photos from any medium like digital camera, iPod, Internet etc you upload them to iPhoto. iPhoto provides you an option of events where you can categorize your photos on the basis of date and time. iPhoto events are the set of photographs that are taken on particular date.... (Read More...)

Easily Import Photos to Your iPhoto After Resolving iPhoto Unreadable File Error

Published On: 11-Aug-2010

Photos are the loveliest part of any occasion of your life. It has capability to bring smile on your face as it refreshes your sweet memories. You can feel and enjoy the past moments with same zeal again after viewing the photos. Every moment of life can be capture in the form of photos and these photos you store to view in the future. IPhoto is most commonly used application that offers efficient photo management.... (Read More...)

Know how to Password Protect iPhoto Library

Published On: 04-Aug-2010

If you are a photo lover you must have maintained iPhoto library where you have stored all your lovely pictures. Regularly you upload numerous pictures on your iPhoto. Generally, you share your sweet photos among your friends or dear ones. But sometimes you have some photos or images which you don�t want to share with anyone and you just want to hide them from others.... (Read More...)

Restore missing iPhoto libraries from Time Machine Backup

Published On: 28-July-2010

If you use iPhoto library to store your lovely pictures you might be encounter with the situation of losing photos that occurs due to some errors or you accidentally delete your photos. Sometimes it also occurs that you misplace your iPhoto library on the drive.... (Read More...)

Recover Lost Photos of iPhoto by Rebuilding iPhoto Library

Published On: 21-July-2010

iPhoto is one of the popular software application of Apple. You must be using this application for importing photos from digital cameras, scanners, CD and internet. It possesses all latest features that allow you to arrange and edit digital photos.... (Read More...)

Undelete iPhoto & Have a Look on Your Lovely Photos Again

Published On: 14-July-2010

iPhoto is powerful multi media application developed by Apple for MAC OS. It is widely used as an Internet picture downloader that can download photos, pictures, images from the Internet.... (Read More...)

Get Rid of iphoto Error Code 36 through iPhoto Recovery Software

Published On: 06-July-2010

Today iPhoto has been included in our part of life. It is one of the famous multimedia gadgets you are using nowadays..... (Read More...)

iPhoto Library Locked on Locked Disk - How to Unlock iPhoto Library

Published On: 05-Jun-2010

Many times user have complained that when they try to access the iPhoto Library, they get an error message that says "The iPhoto Library is locked on a locked disk, or you don't have permission to make changes to it." There are number of reasons..... (Read More...)

Copying iPhoto Library for Future Reference!

Published On: 22-Mar-2010

There are thousands of people out there who love to keep thousands of photos arranged on their iPhoto and fill up the hard drive of their Computer. It is pretty obvious because the iPhoto gives users the opportunity to store tons of pictures in their Library which is known as iPhoto Library..... (Read More...)

How to break album Sync between iPhoto and Facebook!

Published On: 31-Mar-2010

Managing photos using iPhoto is really fast and easy as it manages pictures faster than manually setting up folders and downloading pictures into them by date. As the iPhoto 09 came, it allows you to select pictures and upload them directly into Facebook.... (Read More..)

iPhoto does not start - Spinning Beach Ball of Death

Published On: 26-Mar-2010

In Macintosh Systems when the system is performing some process then the spinning wait cursor which is also known as spinning disk pointer spins. It is a progress indicator which occurs as mouse pointer changes from the arrow to the rotating color wheel or also known as .... (Read More..)

iPhoto 09 Faces broken - Missing iPhoto Libraries

Published On: 23-Mar-2010

If you check the Apple Discussions, you will easily find that there are several users that has complained about the Faces not working particularly for the large iPhoto Libraries and also reported that faces does not work at all, falling to categorize images .... (Read More..)

iPhoto Exclamation Mark Error

Published On: 22-Mar-2010

iPhoto may have face problems like photo corruption, library corruption and other kinds of corruptions that can cause data loss. One of the problem which was encountered in several versions of iPhoto including the iPhoto 09 is the Exclamation Mark Error. A user may encounter this error after importing .... (Read More..)

iPhoto Library Missing After Snow Leopard Upgrade: Backup Missing from Time Machine!

Published On: 17-Mar-2010

After the latest version of Mac operating system has been available named Snow Leopard 10.6, Mac users have shown their great response towards it and so people are upgrading their Mac OSX operating systems to Mac Snow Leopard. No doubt this operating system is better than all its precedes .... (Read More..)

iPhoto Corrupted pictures and screenshots after Mac System Restore from Time Machine

Published On: 12-Mar-2010

Mac gives the facility of automatic system backup using time machine. This backup can be used when you format the disk and restore the system. It is a good way to manage the personal data and settings without losing it and making the System Faster once again. If there will be no any corruption in .... (Read More..)

Error -36 Message while iPhoto Library Backup to External Drive

Published On: 09-Mar-2010

Taking the backup is a very important process that always makes sure that you have kept the data safely. If anything wrong occurs then you will have the backup files from where you can get them all once again and be prevented from the data loss. In the latest versions of Mac OS X .... (Read More..)

How to Backup iPhoto Library

Published On: 04-Mar-2010

When the Mac Operating system becomes slow enough over time then user need to reformat the Mac volume so that it will become better to work once again. But it is the responsibility of the user to take the backup of all the personal data on the Mac that includes the iPhoto too .... (Read More..)

iPhoto Library Migration to New Computer makes Library Unreadable

Published On: 27-Feb-2010

When you transfer the files from one system to another system which is different than the source system then there will always be some chance that you face the problems regarding to the access to those files. Even if you copy the files from an OS to its upgraded version then also this kind of .... (Read More..)

How to correct color problems in iPhoto

Published On: 24-Feb-2010

People always have the problems while doing the modification in the photos in the application iPhoto. The most challenging problems that people faces are the problems regarding the bad color. In case you are taking the picture without a flash while in the shade then your photos will likely goes towards bluish tone. If take the pictures indoors near the lamp then the pictures will take the yellowish tone. Here the Levels histogram will help you.... (Read More..)

Photos missing after import in iPhoto 09

Published On: 20-Feb-2010

iPhoto is a great photo management application that is provided with the iLife suite now. It is capable to import photos from various different digital media like Camcorders, Digital cameras, Web cams other applications and is very simple to use. Still people sometimes face problems while or after importing the photos. Sometimes you import the pictures and when you reopen the iPhoto, you see that the pictures are not there. When you use the finder tool you can see few or all the files are still there and it indicates that some files has been corrupted ... (Read More..)

iPhoto Library Recovery: Recovers iPhoto Library!

Published On: 17-Feb-2010

iPhoto is one of the most popular and exclusive application software that is provided with the Mac Operating systems. From its first version which was released earlier in 2002, it is a part of the iLife suite now. The latest iLife 09 includes the next version of iPhoto. iPhoto stores all the photos and information related to the photo ... (Read More..)